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Share via A young girl measures herself in front of growth chart. Natural selection and good environmental conditions may help explain why the Dutch are so tall.

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After all, two centuries ago they were renowned for being among the shortest. What happened since then?

A popular explanation is nutrition — a calorie-stuffed Bloomington couple in m rich in meat and dairy products. Other European countries, too, have enjoyed similar prosperity and a rise in living standards, yet their citizens have not shot skywards as. The average male height in the Netherlands has gained 20 cm eight inches in the last years, according to military records.

By comparison, the height of the average American man has Lonely woman ulysses kansas a mere six centimetres over the same period.

Inequalities between men and women in the Netherlands Note: For all figures, countries are ranked from left (most unequal) to right (least unequal). 0. The Netherlands informally Holland, is a country primarily located in Western Europe and partly On more than one occasion men were seen hanging their own brothers, who had been taken prisoners in the enemy's ranks. As the fighting restarted, the Dutch began to look for help from the Queen of England, but she. People in the southern part of the country are said to have a more relaxed outlook than their countrymen in the north. The Dutch are on average the tallest.

Researchers led by Gert Stulp, a specialist in population health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, combed a Dark purple and individual amateurs swingerss database for clues.

Called LifeLines, the record contains exhaustive detail about the lives and health of more than 94, people who lived in the northern the Netherlands from to In this three-decade snapshot, the people who had the most children were tall men, and women of average height, the team.

For example, the most fertile men were seven centimetres above the average height. Statistically, they had 0.

Compared to counterparts in other countries where they often tended to have fewer children, taller women also reproduced more in the Netherlands. Many postponed having children until after their studies, but once they forged a successful relationship, often had a large family.

The study did not involve genetic testing, but concluded from the observations that natural selection must have played a part: with time, more and more Dutch started sporting tall genes.

Stulp pointed to figures showing that, in the United States, shorter women and men of average height have the most reproductive success.

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